you know what times are my favorite times

the times when the whole gang goes out brian and justin spend the night just sitting together at a table or back at the bar, silently communicating and judging all their friends




Brian/Justin + Season 3

That bottom left gif, gets me every time.


Always (Melanie Marcus & Lindsay Peterson) - Season 4

You have always been Mel and Linds.

As soon as life returns to normal, so will you. Back from the dead.


Ice Cream Kisses


30 favourite characters (in no particular order) » 13. Daphne Chanders.

You look hot, Daphne. I’d fuck you.

- You know maybe you should… get some friends your own age.

- I have friends my own age. You’re my age, emotionally.

A drunk, abusive, unemployed straight male makes a better parent than two lesbians any day. Everybody knows that.

You’re just in time.

Brian and Justin: Playing with each others hair
requested by anonymous

So sexy and adorable at the same time.

- I remember when my mother used to refer to you as “this Brian.”

- Well, your mom’s no fool. She knew her little angel was getting himself into a peck of trouble.

Brian, I love you and I wanna help you

Those top two gifs though!! Gah I’m swooning so hard.